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The Outpatient Addiction Recovery Program (OAR) provides outpatient treatment for adults eighteen years of age and older and is based on an abstinence model. Programming includes individual therapy in conjunction with supportive group therapy, family or couples therapy, behavioral reinforcement (onsite drug screening is utilized), psychopharmacology and peer support in the form of strong linkages with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups.

Many begin using alcohol and other drugs for seemingly innocent reasons. However, over time, find that the negative consequences of chemical use begin to outweigh any initially perceived benefits. If you are beginning to feel that your use of substances is creating more problems than it is solving, then the Outpatient Addiction Recovery Program can assist you in finding better solutions.

The OAR Program has been serving individuals with co-occurring issues since 1990. Our professional staff is well versed in the psychological complexities that often complicate the journey to living a life free of mood altering chemicals. From co-occurring mental health issues that frequently act as silent generators of relapse, the impact of trauma, to the process of rebuilding self-esteem, family and other relationships, we employ a variety of evidenced-based approaches to treatment. The OAR Program offers a flexible, personalized treatment approach seldom found in similar outpatient programs. The AA/NA Philosophy is also an integral part of treatment, as is affiliation with these 12-step programs. When more intensive treatment is indicated, referrals will be provided.

Our team consists of a clinical director, psychiatrists, masters level counselors, and a full-time case manager. Each candidate for treatment receives a thorough assessment conducted by a team that includes qualified addictions and medical professionals. Based upon this evaluation, an individualized course of treatment is recommended.




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