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Blended Case Management


Contact Us:-

(215) 831-2897
(215) 831-2941

Hours of Service:

Monday – Friday

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Blended Case Management of Northeast Community Center for Behavioral Health is a community service, which arose from the ashes of the former “Senior Case Management” back in 1988.  Originally, the primary focus of Case Management was to reduce the inpatient days of unplanned hospitalizations, as these days would determine when someone would be sent to a state hospital for an extended treatment stay.

Today, Blended Case Management is specifically about connecting people to services and resources through a therapeutic process which builds trust and reliance on the participants themselves. Case Managers identify resources, provide tangible and intangible supports and assist on obtaining those services. Together, we identify and link to the various services and resources including, but not limited to: housing, transportation, resolution of legal issues, engagement with therapy and or drug/alcohol services and family reunification services, as needed. Northeast boasts a very well-trained, consistent and dedicated staff of 12 case managers whose commitments to their participants are proven in every working day, at nights and through the weekends. One supervisor covers the pager for 24-hour response to overnight and weekend crises. We have an excellent working relationship with hospitals, social workers, in-house/outside treatment providers, DBH, CBH, and the TCM management department.

Currently, we serve approximately 270+ behaviorally at-risk individuals, some of whom have a “heavy -user” record of public mental health services. Other participants are located throughout the City of Philadelphia. Our participants range in age from 18 and up including geriatric participants as well. Many have medical, legal, substance abuse, and/or financial issues along with mental health needs. 

BCM offices are headquartered here at the Orleans Building, 4616 Roosevelt Boulevard with an auxiliary office located at 1100 Chew Ave. As stated above, our participants live throughout the City of Philadelphia. BCM’s generally operates on a 9 AM to 6 PM schedule, plus additional coverage, both in-person and via telephone 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. Weekend visits are usually in-person and often held in their home, via a hospital unit, and/or in the community.

All referrals come from the T.C.M. administrative department located at 520 N. Delaware Ave. (215) 599-2150. Referral packets are usually completed by anyone, however a frequent source of our referrals is received from inpatient medical and psychiatric hospitals.