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About Us:

For over 30 years, Northeast Growth and Development Center (NEGD), a division within the Northeast Community Center for Behavioral Health, has provided Early Intervention services to young children. In that time we have worked to continuously offer programs with quality standards of practice.

Northeast Growth and Development Center (NEGD) offers a pre-k program for students from 3 -5 years of age. The 3 year old program runs 2 mornings a week. For 4 year olds, the program runs 3 mornings or 3 afternoons a week. Arrangements for additional half days are possible. We also offer a full day program, 5 days a week, for 4 year old children going to kindergarten. Our teachers are certified educators with experience working with a variety of children. We use the Creative Curriculum and apply the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood.


  • Preschool Special Education: Northeast Growth and Development Center (NEGD) provides Early Intervention (EI) services through a contract with Elwyn for children ages 3 to 5. If you have concerns regarding your child’s development in the areas of learning, socialization, hearing, speech, motor/mobility skills, you should contact Elwyn SEEDS to determine eligibility: 215-222-4050.
  • Center Based Services: Services can also be provided in a center based classroom for children with more significant needs. Classrooms are run by certified teachers and are limited in class size. Children will also be able to receive their related services within this classroom setting.
  • Community Based Services: EI services can be provided in any location where your child spends his or her day, either in the home or an early childhood care setting. Other options for community based services include language group or services by appointment.
  • Hearing Loss Services: Hearing support for children 3 – 5 years of age. Children who are evaluated through Elwyn and determined eligible receive an individual education plan (IEP) with specific services listed. Depending on the IEP, NEGD at TLC can provide language enriched services to students in our specialized hearing loss classroom. Our hearing loss classroom is acoustically modified to allow students optimized access to verbal instruction. Our teacher is a PA certified teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing.  A licensed audiologist, speech and language pathologist, physical therapist, and occupational therapist are also available on site. 

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EIP Program Director:
Donna Bradford, M.Ed
(215) 831-3053

7226 Castor Avenue
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900 E. Howell Street
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(215) 831-3050

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